How can we help you?

Each assignment is different and we can be flexible to suit your needs but typically a qualified Finance Director can help you:

  1. Bring your accounts up to date to meet reporting requirements
  2. Implement better management information and develop a KPI dashboard
  3. Prepare forecasts and budgets perhaps to meet bank covenants or challenge managers
  4. Analyse profitability per product, department or region
  5. Use this information to derive ways to improve profitability
  6. Develop a business strategy and prepare a business plan
  7. Raise cash and put strategies in place to forecast and improve cashflow
  8. Train or recruit new staff to carry out these tasks
  9. Provide cover due to maternity leave, sickness or notice period


How would this work?

We can either be guided by you or carry out a finance department healthcheck by using a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) in order to produce a pathway forward.

This pathway will focus on putting measures in place to mitigate the financial threats and reduce the weaknesses by using the department’s strengths to realise the opportunities.

In terms of the time commitment, the pathway would indicate the level of involvement, whether this be one or two days a week or month, working at your offices or offsite. Either way you would have phone contact of a qualified accountant who is there to help and who understands your business.

Going forward the aim would be to put the right systems and people in place so that the improvements can be continued without a need for external help.

If you think that we could help you then please contact us: 07967 365 191