How does finance add value to a business?


How does finance add value to a business? By providing learned insight to the numbers to bring them alive and help the business make better decisions.

Anders Liu-Lindberg from the Business Partnering Institute suggests 4 ways to drive insights and add value from analytics:

  1. Build wisdom by adding valuable business, economic, and market context to dry data
  2. See the future and share early indications of new challenges as deviations from existing data trends
  3. Spread the net and show decision-makers what we do in Finance, bringing nuanced insights to the table, and telling a compelling story
  4. Read the room and listen to the concerns and questions of decision-makers to pick the right insights for the right moment

Easier said than done, but if successful not only will the business benefit from the insights, but gain value from moving finance from a cost centre to a profit enhancing function.













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